About Us

Dari Indonesia ke Dunia

Kasual is the first modern e-commerce experience in Indonesia that combines daywear functionality with personal customization. Based on Jakarta, Indonesia. Our mission is to provide affordable good quality custom clothing. We always make the special clothing for our best customers from all around the world. With our goals “From Indonesia, to the World!”, we try to always improving our services and developing our creativity.

We bring back your inner comforts

You may have countless of clothings that set you apart from your peers that makes you “You”. You may be given unlimited options of clothings that always change in the speed of light. But do you realize that you always come back to one t-shirt or pant that makes you feel like home? That is us.

The art of workmanship that stays with you

We make clothing that adds value, not clutter. We do research categories, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and filter them through our values to create subtly innovative and elevated product.

Your size, your way

You deserve your own way, including your own size. At the beginning we have considered to bring personal tailors right at your front door so you could personalize the size you ever dreamed of. We make it happen for you!

Meet Your New Bestfriends

M. Alam Akbar


Marselina Anggita Manalu

Head of Product & Fashion Design

Dyandries Dwi Permatasari

Head of Finance, Accounting, and Tax


Head of IT

Asep Muhidin

Operations Manager

Arditya Dwiputra

HR & GA Manager

Nia Widya Utami

Channel Marketing Lead

Devina Syaja Ratulaila

Sr. Customer Experience Specialist